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9 Things You Must Know about Statement of Purpose for MBA Marketing

The Beginning of Writing a Statement of Purpose for MBA Marketing

statement of purpose for mba marketing

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So you have decided to focus on Marketing with your MBA. It is a great focus and a great choice. There are numerous jobs out there and Marketing has so many different branches to it. If you want to land your spot in your dream university, then follow these 9 rules about statement of purpose for MBA marketing.

The Hints regarding Writing the Perfect Statement of Purpose for MBA Marketing

  1. If you want to go into marketing, a field that is creative then write a story not a statement. Which would you prefer to read? Something that makes you stand out or something that makes you sound exactly like everybody else. I am not saying to write fiction, but I am saying have fun with it.
  2. Quantify your story. Your story should not read like a thesis. It is the best source of information about you, the applicant. Your story must contain measurable quantities, but also have quality and depth to it.
  3. Be specific. Dig into the details and explain yourself. Do not just say you love marketing. They want to know why you love marketing. Has it changed your life or made you a better person? If so be specific to a certain occasion when it did.
  4. Customize your essay. Do not use a basic template, but a creative one. Yes, you should be able to change university names around, but do not be boring and original. Sell your statement of purpose for MBA admissions like a marketing manager.
  5. Use a formal but conversational tone. This is probably easier for women than men. We write like we speak, but we need to write like we are speaking in an interview with the dean or director. It is all business on the end.
  6. Decide how you want to portray yourself and learn how to portray indirectly. What does your statement of purpose say this far? Is that how you want to be perceived? If not then you need to start to make some adjustments.
  7. Do not create stories. Be yourself. Basically do not lie on your personal statement. If you have no positive stories or experiences, do not put them. They will weigh you down rather than make you look good. It is all about selling yourself.
  8. Address your problems. They do not expect you to be the perfect student. We all have lives and in graduate school they know this more than anyone. Be honest about mistakes and do not defend yourself. You are not on trial. If you earned a C- in philosophy, I do not believe it is make it or break it form the application.
  9. Do your homework. Specifics are important, but you do not need to reiterate time and time again. Make sure your research is correct prior to your submission. No small mistakes allowed. Additionally you can learn some related fields writings like SoP for MBA in international business.
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The Final Step

Finally proofread, edit and re-edit. Ask friends, family and educators to grade your essay. You want perfection like everyone in Marketing, right? Even though the hints are definitely going to help you out, you’d certainly be better off investing a small amount letting a professional handle it for you.

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