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Statement of Purpose Management

statement of purpose for managementWriting a statement of purpose is one of the most important aspects of your application to get on an MBA management program. Not only is this the only part of the application that you will have full control over, but it is your main chance to show the admissions board why you deserve a place on your chosen MBA course. If you write a good statement of purpose management application it could be what persuades the admissions board to grant you a place on the course, write a bad one, however, and it could end your chances of studying on your chosen program. Moreover, you may know more about how to write a good statement of purpose for MBA program so that it could secure your place, even if your grades aren’t the best. For this reason it is unwise to follow a standard template statement of purpose, but instead use it as an opportunity to express why your particular work history, education and hobbies make you the idea student for the program.

Statement of Purpose Management Application

What you should always keep in the forefront of your mind when writing your statement of purpose management application is that this is one of the few chances you will have to sell yourself, your skills and experience, in your application. Although the admissions board will be taking account a range of issues when deciding to offer you a place on the program, including your grades and qualifications, your statement of purpose will weigh heavily in their decision making process.

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Keep Your Management Statement of Purpose Clear and Simple

statement of purpose managementWhen writing your statement of purpose you should keep it clear and simple. Remember you want to get on the good side of the admissions board who will probably have hundreds of statement of purpose management applications to read through, as such they don’t want to spend time reading one that isn’t to the point and straightforward. Avoid repetition and long paragraphs that are full of details that aren’t relevant to your application or the course; when writing you should always think to yourself how will this help me get a place? If it won’t leave it out. As well as this, keep you sentences short, and ensure that your paragraphs flow well together so that when reading the application it doesn’t seem disjointed or muddled.

What to Include and What to Leave out

As you are aiming to get on a management MBA program you should write a management statement of purpose, meaning that you focus on your education, skills, experience and hobbies that highlight your desire to work in management. For example, if you were the captain of your high school sports team this shows that even in high school you were marked out as a leader and someone who is good at managing people. Alternatively in your career you might have taken on an unofficial managerial role, in which case you should explain why you were given this responsibility and what you learn from it. You should also highlight your long-term career ambition to work in management, stating why you want to work in management, what drives and motivates you and where you see yourself ending up in your career. In addition, you may find more information about statement of purpose for MBA in finance on our site.

What you leave out can be just as important as what you put into your statement of purpose. You should never write anything that is negative, and even if your previous work experience was full of problems and issues, instead of concentrating on them you should focus on what you learn from the situation and how it has shaped your ambition and motivation.

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