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The Best Sample MBA Statement of Purpose for Everyone

First Considerations of Your Sample MBA Statement of Purpose

sample mba statement of purpose

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If you have come here for a sample MBA statement of purpose you have come to the right place. I have plenty of tips and a statement of purpose MBA examples as well. It is to assist you with your writing skills and communication skills. First, here is a small example of a statement of purpose for an MBA.

A Mock Statement of Purpose

My degree in English has provided a solid foundation for my analytical skills. Like any leader, I am able to explain and delegate through written and oral communication what needs to be done. I have worked and interned in publishing offices and newspapers. It has taught me the responsibility and provided me with a foundation on opening my own journal. With the help of your MBA program, I will learn the ins and outs of running a business from the top school in the state. My past has shaped who I am today, but your school will develop who I will be tomorrow.

Tips and Advice Regarding the Creation of Your Sample MBA Statement of Purpose

  • Good to mention your background. What your degree in is quite important. Just because it is an MBA program does not mean you need a Business Administration degree to get in. They are looking for unique individuals with different backgrounds illustrated in SoP for MBA admission.
  • Previous work and internship. This helps explain why you are interested in your MBA. Publishing and newspapers have plenty to do with an MBA as they are a business. It continues to say that the work is what encouraged them to open their own journal.
  • Aspirations. They are informing the school of their intent and how they can help. They want to open their own journal upon graduation. Schools enjoy reading about applicants aspirations and want to help them as much as possible. They are a go-getter and that can be seen in this small snippet.
  • Past to present to future. The way they ended the paragraph was excellent. They had their start in the past with their undergrad program, work and their internship. They currently know what they want to do and their future is in the schools’ hands. They are telling the school that they are the ones they believe will help to make a difference in their future.
  • Also, take note that there are no actual specifics as to which school they are applying to. It says ‘the top school in the state’, but that could be any school from any state. It does not have to be specific to their home state or the state they attended for undergrad. For as much as the reader could know, they have applied to each top school in each state. It is good to keep it honest, but vague like the writer did.

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I hope this sample of an MBA statement was helpful. Just mention your past, your present, and how they can help you for your future and you will be good as gold in your letter. Also you can find out some MBA statement of purpose template, it also can be useful.

Find out the best sample MBA statement of purpose and keep in mind that relying on a professional to handle the entire activity is definitely your best choice!