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Use This MBA Statement of Purpose Template for Successful Application

The Foundation Behind MBA Statement of Purpose Template

mba statement of purpose template

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We all need a little help when writing our MBA Statement of Purpose. You want it to sound perfect and for it to be a successful application. You need to find the perfect template in order to do this. The best advice is to search for statement of purpose for executive MBA on the internet and not to necessarily use one on Microsoft. Here are a few that will make your application successful.

The MBA Statement of Purpose Template to Follow

  • Title should be simple: MBA Statement of Purpose will suffice. You do not need it to be all fancy, just clear, concise and to the point.
  • Below the title you should include your name. I cannot tell you how often a statement of purpose does not have a name on it and can get away from their file. No name, no admittance. Plus, some schools have an ID number for your application that needs to be on their too.
  • Opening paragraph should be an introduction to you. Who are you and why are you writing this letter? What did you major in? What did you do during your undergrad? Your final sentence should be why you are now pursuing your MBA.
  • Next paragraph should be the continual through from your last sentence. Was it a passion or will it help you focus on the larger picture somehow? If you focused in marketing in undergrad, how did you use that in advertising and grow ideas?
  • Next you put the two thoughts together and explain what it is you want to do. If you focused in marketing and you enjoy social media, how is your MBA going to make you more successful in the industry? Explain your future career aspirations here. Maybe you want to create an app or create your own social media site. Put it here.
  • Write down past work experience here so they know if you have experience within the field or not. Believe me, you can relate customer service to just about anything if you are creative enough. What programs do you already know and what programs do you need to know? Has anything changed in the past few years? Include all of this here.
  • If you have a business plan add it here. They want to know how they can help you post-graduation and you can let them know here. Perhaps you have a name already, or if you are interested in franchising. Just let them know.
  • Conclusion. Put all of your previous thoughts here. This should include points from your introduction and just rephrase it here. What was in your introduction should be in the body of your statement of purpose essay.
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Proofread Thoroughly

Use these MBA statement of purpose template tips and make sure when you are finished you proofread. You want to make sure that everything is covered and that there are no grammatical errors. You should have a few people read it just to make sure. They should be educated and know good grammar for you to trust them.

Try to use these MBA statement of purpose template tips and remember while handling those matters alone is manageable, relying on an experts!