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Professional MBA Letter of Recommendation Service

About MBA Letter of Recommendation

Taking a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is an enormous step for a business career that many consider as a top priority. MBA is a degree that is recognized internationally and designed to develop relevant skills for business and management careers. MBA’s value is not limited only to the business world but other human endeavors. To do this, you have to be accepted by a University. You make the big plunge: write the MBA letter of recommendation and MBA statement of purpose.

If you aspire to get admission to a B-school and pursue Business Administration as your career then you need to have a precisely extraordinary letter of recommendation for MBA that can get you chosen through the tough procedure of selection. Letters of Recommendation for MBA (LoR) are strict and mandatory parts for application in almost every application to business schools without considering your type of application as full-time, part-time or executive MBA. The number of recommendations required varies by the institutions, however, these general guidelines will help you approach successfully this part of the application process.
mba letter of recommendationBusiness schools ask for recommendations to get an outside viewpoint of applicants and to validate what they say about themselves in the application. Most B-schools prefer recommendations from applicant’s present or most current work supervisor or university professor. When choosing your recommenders, respectfully ask from each this important question: “Does your free time allow you to write a positive letter of recommendation for my application to Business school?”.

You should opt for a recommender who is close to you well as Admissions Committee will expect the person who recommends you to present detailed information about many aspects of you as a person: as on-the-job performance and specific examples of demonstrated certain skill sets and competencies.

The recommendations must be balanced and objectives that highlight your strengths & weaknesses, your accomplishments and learning over the time that they have known you. If you are an entrepreneur or managing business of your family, your best choice is a client or someone who has directly observed the way you worked. Never opt for a family member as it takes objectivity out of the recommendation.
professional letter of recommendation for mba

Structure of MBA LoR

The recommender should follow this structure to create a convincing MBA letter of recommendation that is sure to be an invaluable part of any application. Here’s a structure of MBA letter of recommendation:

  • Salutation. A proper salutation should be polite and personal as follows: Dear + Title + Name of Recipient. If you are greeting a manager, use a general title such as Mr., Mrs., or their professional titles such as Dr. or Professor. If the recipient’s name of the letter of recommendation for MBA is not known, then make salutation as personable as possible.
  • Introduction. The first sentence of the recommendation is the most important because it sets the tone for the entire letter. In the beginning, recommenders must immediately express their enthusiastic and heartfelt recommendation of the applicant. For example, It’s my pleasure to recommend… I couldn’t be more pleased to… I wholeheartedly recommend.
  • Relationship with recommended. If the applicant has known you for a good period of time, then he is the right person to evaluate your strengths thus, multiplying the potency of your letter. When recommender establishes your relationship, he/she should include the following points: your position and school, the capacity in which he/she knows you, the length of time, he/she has known you.
  • Include words of praise. End introduction using a sentence or more emphasizing some of the key strength and personality traits of the applicant.
  • Mention the applicant’s professional/academic strengths. The first paragraph of the letter’s body begins by stating 2-3 of the applicant’s specific experiences, skills or talents that are significant to the college program. Follow up with descriptive and examples that detail the accomplishments of the applicant to prove the aforementioned abilities.
  • Highlight applicant’s best personal qualities. Focus on the applicant’s characteristics and positive personality traits especially those that are beneficial assets to the institution.
  • Encourage the applicant’s acceptance. Reiterate your complete, unreserved, and enthusiastic recommendation of the applicant by emphasizing the value of the applicant as an asset. Use strong language that expresses authority, and confidence in writing the letter.
  • In closing. The closing of letters should be formal and polite. Use terms as best regards, regards and sincerely as they great examples. The closing address sincerely is widely considered the as best sign-off word in most letters of recommendation for MBA because it is not only but exudes a warm, friendly tone.

Necessary Pointers in Letter of Recommendation for MBA

  • The letters of recommendation for MBA should have both the strengths as well as the weaknesses mentioned. There is a limitation to the length of the recommendation letter yet there is space for the candidate to build his or her case properly.
  • You need to choose the person writing the MBA letter of recommendation wisely. He/she writing recommending you should be someone capable of answering all the questions and knows about you well, what all you have done and also knows about your potential. It should be detailed.
  • The MBA letter of recommendation should be insightful. It should show an insight into your characteristics and your abilities. So, the writer needs to be well aware of your personal characteristics.
  • The letter needs to be written in a professional way. The writer should mention the candidates work history, career aspirations and credentials in a formal manner without too much glossy language.
  • The information provided need to be valid and useful. Unnecessary elaboration and repetition need to be avoided.
  • The highlighted characteristics of the candidate should denote that the concerned candidate will be a positive contributor not only within the classroom but outside the classroom as well.
  • An overall approach of the MBA letter of recommendation needs to be such that it speaks about how the MBA program will benefit the candidate and how the candidate, in turn, will contribute to the MBA program.

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